Grandview Helps Employees Pay Down Student Loans

Jun 16, 2022 at 01:38 pm by steve

Employees of Grandview Medical Center are now eligible for new benefits designed to help them eliminate existing student debt faster, pursue additional professional education, and advance their careers.

Benefits include a new student loan repayment program that enables employees with outstanding student debt to consolidate their loans, reduce interest rates, and benefit from employer sponsored payments. For most clinical employees, Grandview will directly pay a portion of loan premiums as long as the employee remains current with payments, offsetting student loan balances up to $20,000 per employee.

A new employee reimbursement program has been established for licensure or certification renewals required for all job classifications and can be used for any license or certification testing or renewal not already offered for free by the hospital.

In addition, a long-standing tuition reimbursement program that provides employees up to $5,000 in tax-free reimbursement annually is being expanded and can now be used for continuing education related to any role within the hospital. Previously, employees could only use the tuition reimbursement program toward studies in their current field of work.

"We appreciate our employees and want to support and invest in them," says Daniel McKinney, CEO for Grandview Medical Center.

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