40,000 annual breast cancer deaths in the U.S. alone

Feb 14, 2017 at 01:50 pm by steve

You've probably known for a while that breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women, with 40,000 annual breast cancer deaths in the U.S. alone. But did you also know that almost 50 percent of women in the U.S. are diagnosed with dense breast tissue and that this higher density has a direct relation to their risk of breast cancer?

For a woman with dense breasts, there may be cases where they receive a negative mammogram, only to later be diagnosed with breast cancer. Dense breast tissue and cancer both appear white on mammograms, sometimes making it difficult to distinguish between the two. This can lead to false negatives or delayed diagnoses.

Tailored to dense breast tissue, Capital X-Ray offers LumaGEM Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), which is a groundbreaking method that significantly improves early diagnosis of breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue. The compression required for MBI is also lighter and far more comfortable than a mammogram.

Recent studies have confirmed that MBI highlights metabolic activity in breast tumors not visible on mammograms due to tissue density, leading to earlier diagnosis. Clinical research also shows use of LumaGEM reduces biopsies - often painful and costly - by 50 percent. A breakthrough retrospective study, involving over 1,700 women with dense breast tissue over a three-year period, was published in the American Journal of Roentgenology's August issue confirming LumaGEM's high incremental cancer detection rate of 7.7 cancers per thousand (7.7/1,000). This compares with published data for primary mammography screening alone of 3/1,000. The study also concluded that when MBI was used as a secondary screening modality, the total number of cancers found was approximately 12/1,000. Approximately 85 percent of these cancers were also confirmed as "node negative," indicating they were detected at an early stage and therefore presented a better prognosis.

To educate women this year about the importance of MBI and breast density, Gamma Medica launched the "Be Certain" campaign, which aims to give physicians and women access to the most accurate clinical information on breast density and breast cancer detection. In addition to education, Gamma Medica and Capital X-Ray are committed to increasing the number of accurate early breast cancer screenings through installations at major facilities. Every woman deserves to "Be Certain" about her breast health and access to the latest diagnostic tools to help reduce late diagnosis and improve patient clinical outcomes.

LumaGEM is a registered trademark and Digital Direct Conversion Gamma Imaging and DDCGI are trademarks of Gamma Medica, Inc. To learn more about MBI, contact your local Capital X-Ray sales representative at 1-800-239-9729.

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