OrthoAlabama’s Seamless EHR Transition

Jun 05, 2024 at 11:15 am by steve

OrthoAlabama, a Birmingham-based orthopedic practice, recently underwent a transformation in its electronic health records (EHR) system. This shift, propelled by a desire for efficiency and improved patient care, exemplifies their commitment to excellence. Central to this success was their partnership with Simplified Medical Management (SMM).

The decision to overhaul their EHR system was prompted by several factors. “We had many server-based systems and multiple applications that we had to run to take care of each patient, said Joseph Bolen, Practice Manager. “All our programs were becoming outdated and expensive to maintain. The multiple applications made it difficult to train employees. Ultimately, we knew we could be more efficient."

The journey toward selecting a new EHR system was meticulous. "We started by networking with both local and state peers to determine what they were using and what they liked and didn’t like about those systems,” Bolen said. “After vetting multiple options and narrowing down choices, SMM was brought into the fold early on. They were involved from day one. It was huge for us to have an experienced tech involved throughout the entire process.

“Orchestrating simultaneous upgrades across various systems was complex. We tried to tie everything together and upgrade all our systems at once. I wish we had spread out some of our changes and upgrades with our other vendors.

“If you’re considering a transition like this, look at your current landscape and how many platforms you are using and at what expense. Once you decide to change, find those champions you can get to buy-in that are not just the practice manager.

"SMM’s role was to make it all work. They worked across the board with all of our vendors and integrated everything together. They created specialized training environments and optimized our infrastructure for enhanced performance. One of their engineers also found a way to increase our internet bandwidth and speed while lowering our costs.”

OrthoAlabama's seamless transition to a new EHR system highlights the role of trusted partnerships in driving innovation and efficiency within healthcare practices. As they continue to prioritize patient care and staff satisfaction, OrthoAlabama sets a compelling example of forward-thinking healthcare management.

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