Shelby Baptist Medical Center Committed to Medical Advancements

Nov 28, 2023 at 03:30 pm by steve

By Holly Dean


The fourth quarter of 2023 has been an exciting time at Shelby Baptist Medical Center. In the last few months, we have demonstrated the commitment of our hospital to provide advanced medical technology to Alabaster and the surrounding communities by installing new equipment in several departments.

In early October, we installed a brand new Mako Robotic Surgery System for hip and knee replacement surgeries, adding to the hospital’s catalog of available robotic-assisted procedures. Feedback generated by the Mako system helps the surgeon to stay within clearly defined boundaries so that no healthy bone or tissue is inadvertently removed. Preserving healthy bone or tissue can result in minimal blood loss, faster post-operation recovery times and less post-operation pain.  

Later in October, we cut the ribbon on an updated Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, or ‘cath lab.’ A cath lab is a specialized area in the hospital where doctors perform minimally invasive tests and cardiac procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. 

And lastly, we have installed and begun using a 256-Slice CT Scanner, which can act as a means of diagnosing early or advanced coronary artery disease, among other uses. This advanced scanner achieves whole imaging of the heart within a short time span using low dose radiation, providing detail about the heart's function and structures. The images are then reconstructed in 3D format to help determine strength of the heartbeat and to recognize any potential plaque deposits within the coronary arteries that could lead to a heart attack or other issues.

The addition of the 256-Slice CT to Shelby’s radiology suite can expand access to diagnostic imaging that supports a complete range of clinical applications, including cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, body imaging, angiography, breast imaging and oncology.

These investments represent another step in Shelby’s continued commitment to utilizing advanced medical technology. We’re proud to offer these procedures.

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Holly Dean is the CEO of Shelby Baptist Medical Center.

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