The Biggest Mistakes Healthcare Practices Make on Social Media

Mar 12, 2024 at 09:45 am by steve

By Mary Carson Smith

In the world of healthcare, leveraging social media is fundamental part of an effective marketing strategy. It’s a way to foster a connection with your patients while reaching new patients for your practice. Unfortunately, sometimes practices share posts without thinking about how they're negatively showcasing their brand. Here are some of the common mistakes we see healthcare practices make when using social media:

Inconsistent Content Sharing

Let’s talk social media algorithms. Social media algorithms favor those who post consistently. Algorithms work by making sure their users are receiving interesting content that they relate to on their feed, as a result, connecting you with new people outside your current followers. Being consistent with your posts will also foster a connection with loyal patients.

Not Branding Content

Every practice has a unique brand that accurately reflects your values, personality, and vision. Your providers, nurses, and staff are all part of your brand. Your brand and voice should be crafted with care to connect with your audience. Authenticity builds trust with your audience. Your audience can discern authenticity, so staying true to your brand is key.

Your practice also needs to have a visual brand on social media. This means using your logos on posts and using consistent color schemes to make your post identifiable.

Overemphasis on Sales

While social media is a valuable tool for promoting healthcare services that your practice offers, a focus on sales can often come across as too salesy. Content should offer value beyond a sales pitch. Adopt a strategy that promotes educational content and personal stories. Balancing informative content with promotional posts ensures sustained audience interest.

Managing Social Media is Not for Everyone

In the healthcare industry, there's a common misconception that just because someone has a personal social media account, they are automatically equipped to manage a professional one. To counteract this assumption, consider delegating social media to a marketing agency who understands both the healthcare field and the digital landscape. Social media strategy involves a delicate blend of healthcare knowledge, professional communication, and an understanding of your target audience.

Social media is a pivotal component of a healthcare business strategy. Avoiding simple mistakes is essential to maintaining followers while bringing new patients to your practice. If you want to gain and keep patients, you should build a connection and stay consistent with your posts. It's all about making that lasting impression.

Mary Carson Smith is a Social Media Specialist with Doctor Directory Solutions.

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