Commitment to the Highest Level of Care: Dr. Daniel Kim Honored as North American Spine Society’s Top 20 Under 40

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At Southlake Orthopaedics, we’re proud to offer thoughtful, meticulous care for every patient, every visit. Of course, this standard of care would not be possible without an unparalleled team of medical professionals. Long heralded as an orthopaedic group dedicated to serving our community with knowledge, precision, dedication, and compassion, we’re proud to now have Dr. Daniel Kim as part of our accomplished team of orthopaedic doctors. Dr. Kim was recently honored by the North American Spine Society in their “20 Under 40” list of top spine surgeons in the country, a national recognition by the largest spine care organization in the world. The award is based on accomplishments, community service, and philosophy of care. His holistic approach to treatment and his enthusiasm for mastering the latest advancements in spinal care make him a truly special addition to our incredible team.

“I’m incredibly honored and humbled to have been recognized as one of the North American Spine Society’s 20 Under 40 list. It validates our approach and enhances our team’s commitment to providing the highest level of care to our community here in Birmingham and beyond,” says Dr. Kim.

We spoke with Dr. Kim about his role at Southlake Orthopaedics to help patients better understand what they can expect to experience upon meeting with him.

What are some of the hallmarks of the way you practice orthopaedic care?

I treat my patients like I would want my family or friends to be treated. I tailor each plan individually to each patient. I try to view the patient as a whole individual, as they often have more concerns than just their health when making a surgical decision. I try to be as conservative as possible about my surgical indications, only operating on people when they have exhausted all other options.

What experience do you hope to create for each of your patients?

I want them to feel first and foremost that I care about their optimal outcome. I want them to understand their condition and feel empowered in making a joint decision (meaning, doctor and patient choosing together after an informed, detailed conversation) about healthcare choices. I want my patients to recognize that they are getting the latest technical advances in their surgery as well as the latest evidence guiding the care plan. The goal is to make the experience at Southlake Spine Center no different than any other great hospital or center in the world.

What are some of the advancements in spine surgery that you’re especially excited about?

Spine surgery has made some tremendous technological leaps over the past few years. Examples that I’m particularly excited about are personalized implants tailored to each individual’s anatomy, artificial intelligence, and advanced data registries to predict the appropriate surgical plan and predict outcomes, robotics and virtual reality with increased safety and precision in instrumentation. I am also very excited about the future of endoscopic spine surgery, which lets us leave an ultra-minimally invasive footprint in discectomy and decompression surgeries, allowing us to help people to avoid fusions. Currently, I’m one of the  only surgeons performing endoscopic spine surgery in Alabama and hope I can help promote this procedure for more patients across the state.

What made you choose to practice with Southlake Orthopaedics?

Southlake Orthopaedics is committed first and foremost to direct, individualized patient care in a changing medical landscape that often overlooks the needs of the person. The surgeons are top notch in each of their subspecialized fields and we have a great reputation for good outcomes in our community.

What would you want a potential patient of Southlake Orthopaedics to know? What might you tell them to put their mind at ease in advance of receiving treatment?

The Southlake Spine Center provides a one stop shop of complete spine care, from surgery of the occiput down to the sacrum, ultra-minimally invasive surgery to spinal deformity treatment, nonoperative services including osteoporosis care, specialized spine physical therapy, advanced imaging systems, nonoperative-spine care including injections, ablations, and EMG. Our doctors are fellowship trained from well-respected institutions and continue to participate in teaching and research, which leads to maintaining a high standard of care in our practice across the board. We will always listen to your needs and put them first in our care approach. With our extensive specialized non-operative spine team and services, we will always promote conservative care first.


Daniel C. Kim, MD, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Southlake Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Spine Center, PC

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