IT Focus: HIPAA Oversights by Practices in IT

Jul 18, 2023 at 10:25 am by kbarrettalley

By Jane Ehrhardt “HIPAA is the biggest regulated gray area out there,” says Aaron Woods, manager of security services at Dynamic Quest. “HIPAA states that t.... Read More

IT Focus: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Jul 18, 2023 at 10:22 am by kbarrettalley

By Briana Houston As we all know, technology has changed our world, and amazingly enough, the pace of this change might actually be accelerating with the fast-moving developm.... Read More

IT Focus: Building MFA into the Workflow

Jul 18, 2023 at 10:21 am by kbarrettalley

By Jane Ehrhardt “It’s not an option as to whether you use MFA or not under HIPAA. If it’s available and you don’t use it, you’ve got problems,&.... Read More

IT Focus: Common Mistakes in IT Incident Response

Jul 18, 2023 at 10:18 am by kbarrettalley

By Jane Ehrhardt Last year, U.S. healthcare entities were hit on average with 1,410 cyberattacks each week, up 60 percent from the year before, according to Check Point Resea.... Read More

Shortage of Providers and Beds Creates a Crisis in Mental Health Care

Jul 18, 2023 at 10:12 am by kbarrettalley

Alabama is Ranked 50th in Mental Health By Marti Webb Slay It’s no secret that Alabama is facing a shortage of resources and beds for mental health patients. The reper.... Read More

January 2024

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Your January 202 Issue of Birmingham Medical News is Here!