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Sickle Cell Gene Therapy

Apr 13, 2022 at 10:40 am by steve

For centuries, people with Sickle Cell Disease have suffered the excruciating pain of a crisis. The muscles and organs of their body are starving for oxygen because there are.... Read More

An Old Technology Gives Cancer Patients a New Chance at Life

Feb 08, 2022 at 08:05 pm by steve

"Colon and rectal cancer are the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States," said Vikas Dudeja MD, FACS, James P. Hayes Endowed Professor and Director.... Read More

Rewriting The Future of Cystic Fibrosis

Oct 06, 2021 at 11:26 am by steve

For the parents of a sick child, it was news they never wanted to hear. Learning that their child had cystic fibrosis not only swept away dreams of a long, happy future. It.... Read More

UAB Opens Uterine Transplant Program First in Southeast, Fourth In United States

Dec 16, 2020 at 05:50 pm by steve

Infertility can be emotionally challenging for anyone. For women born without a uterus or who lose theirs' to illness and surgery, it can be devastating, with a finality that.... Read More

Infertility: The Male Component

Dec 17, 2019 at 07:10 pm by steve

The World Health Organization identifies infertility as "a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of.... Read More
November 2023 Cover

November 2023

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