UAB's New HyperArcâ„¢ High-Definition Radiotherapy

Oct 12, 2018 at 03:26 pm by steve

A new radiotherapy option, developed by UAB in collaboration with Varian Medical Systems, is delivering high-quality treatments to patients with brain cancer. UAB was the firs.... Read More

Nonsurgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Provides Relief

Oct 12, 2018 at 03:15 pm by steve

"Everyone has hemorrhoids," said Rajat Parikh, MD, president of Birmingham Gastroenterology Associates. "That's a common misconception among patients and many physicians." And.... Read More

Adjusting Diet to Resolve Gastric Problems

Oct 12, 2018 at 03:11 pm by steve

When it comes to gastroenterological issues, the first line of attack is to look at diet. But discovering what foods a given patient is sensitive to is a lengthy process that.... Read More

Donation Program for Umbilical Cord Blood

Oct 12, 2018 at 03:03 pm by steve

Eight years ago, Ashley Tamucci, MD, an OBGYN at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, was talking with an expectant mother who wanted to donate her umbilical cord blood (UCB) to.... Read More

Genes in Healing

Oct 12, 2018 at 02:59 pm by steve

Scalpel, stethoscope, antibiotics--as each landmark tool earned its place in the physician's bag, it brought a leap forward in patient care. Perhaps today's most anticipated n.... Read More

February 2024

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