HudsonAlpha Teams with Auburn for Genomic Health Program

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance and Auburn University have begun a new collaboration to provide genomic health screening to Auburn employees through the Auburn Pharmaceutical Care Center (AUPCC).

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance provides opportunities for groups such as academic institutions, health systems, physician networks and self-insured employers to access the genomics expertise at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in order to develop customized genomic health screening programs for their patients and employees.

The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance will work with the Auburn Pharmaceutical Care Center to provide genetic testing to Auburn University employees enrolled in Auburn's health insurance program who meet certain criteria. AUPCC pharmacists will collect saliva, which will be analyzed for genetic markers that provide information on how medications interact with the body. Health care professionals can use this data to select the best medication and dosage, creating a personalized prescription for the individual.

"We are excited to conduct this pilot project," said Kimberly Braxton Lloyd, Pharm.D., Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Outreach with Harrison School of Pharmacy. "This service not only enhances the health care benefit for our employees, but also allows us to provide pharmacogenomics training for health care students."

"Genomics is the future of medicine," said Devin Absher, PhD, Director of Genomic Health at HudsonAlpha. "By collaborating with groups and institutions like Auburn, we have the opportunity to help individuals learn valuable genomic information that will lead to more informed healthcare decisions."

Integrated healthcare solutions offered include patient engagement and genetic education, physician education, genetic testing results interpretation, access to a medical geneticist, genetic counselors and more.