Encompass Health to Award Frontline Employees

Encompass Health Corp will award frontline employees in its 134 hospitals, 245 home health locations and 83 hospice locations with additional paid time off in recognition of their outstanding efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak. With more than 21,000 employees across the country who will benefit from this additional paid time off, Encompass Health's investment is estimated at $50 million.

Eligible frontline workers in both the inpatient rehabilitation hospital and home health & hospice segments of the Company may earn up to two weeks of additional paid time off. In the IRF segment, eligible roles are the clinical staff and support staff who cannot work remotely. In the home health and hospice segment, eligible roles are direct care employees whose primary area of responsibility is providing in-home patient care.

"The dedication of our team to providing incredible patient care during this pandemic makes all of us very proud," said Mark Tarr, CEO of Encompass Health.