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APR 22

There is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus. Although researchers are studying several pharmaceuticals that may have positive effects on the virus, we still don’t have a definitive antidote. This is why it is important to do what we can to flatten the curve, and social distancing is one of the most effective remedies. This limits the spread of germs between people so that fewer people become sick and it buys our nation time to strengthen our healthcare forces.

Another tool that we often overlook is the utilization of natural adaptogenic immune modulators. The term immune-modulator is the correct term instead of immune-booster because we never want an overactive immune system; rather an immune system that can modify itself based on each body’s physiology.

These compounds will safeguard our immune system and ensure that we are in an advantageous position to fight any foreign substances, if need be.

We must take care of our immune system because archives show that the virus is particularly targeting the immune-compromised population. The benefit of consuming adaptogenic compounds is their ability to be immunomodulatory. This means that they do not stimulate the immune system too far or under the threshold to produce a response that fights pathogens.

Natural agents strike the perfect balance and adapt with your body’s needs. Some beneficial agents that negate the oxidative stress and inflammation associated with the functional aspect of diseases are:

Vitamin C, melatonin, Vitamin D, acetylcysteine, quercetin, zinc, turmeric, and elderberry. These compounds target the fundamental mechanisms that underlie diseases and, in this case, the biological process by which a virus replicate.

  1. Vitamin D stimulates the expression of antimicrobial peptides that exist in epithelial cells lining the respiratory tract.
  2. Vitamin C’s antioxidant activity can decrease inflammation, which may help improve your immune function by promoting the growth and spread of lymphocytes, a type of immune cell that increases your circulating antibodies, that can attack foreign or harmful substances in your blood. There is also some evidence from animal research and case studies in humans that high dose or IV vitamin C can reduce lung inflammation in severe respiratory illnesses caused by H1N1 (“swine flu”) or other viruses.
  3. Quercetin and Zinc are antiviral in nature and help support body’s natural immune system. Quercetin decreases viral replication to be able to decrease the nlrp3 inflammasome activity. Enhancing the immune system will activate natural killer cells which feed on viruses. The common theme here is to halt viral transmission in the first place.
  4. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory compounds called curcuminoids that have demonstrated an ability to block tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α) activation, which is a major mediator of inflammation and plays a role in many inflammatory diseases.
  5. Lifestyle and diet habits also come in to play when it comes to optimal immune functioning. Eliminate stressors and switching to a diet composed of whole foods will maintain a level of symbiosis in the body needed for systemic organ operation.
  6. Other countries are even demonstrating the effectiveness of intravenous ozone. Ozone is a gas that can be found in the atmosphere and has the characteristic of being germicidal and disinfecting. It has been used in medical therapy for years and is known for directly killing viruses, activating antioxidants, and decreasing inflammatory cytokines. This will be further studied to see if it can be implemented in our healthcare system as a therapeutic agent.
  7. Take this time to engage with your inner-self and practice self-care. Keep a positive mindset and you may even find that you have turned a new leaf and discovered new qualities within yourself. Activities such as connecting with nature, meditating or doing yoga outdoors will reduce stress. Spend time with your loved ones and find a way to get involved in your community.

This unified approach will help get us through these bleak times and we will return to society as better individuals.

Mani Kukreja, MBBS, MPH, IIN is the Founder and CEO of Liv Age Well at



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